Stone International: A Luxury Dining Table Guide

Stone International: A Luxury Dining Table Guide


We are delighted to announce the arrival of luxury brand Stone International to our dining collection. Handcrafted in Italy since 1975, Stone International hold an enviable reputation for craftsmanship, style and quality.

The enduring elegance of the ranges transcends trends.  Designed and finished with real consideration, the pieces with their natural organic appeal are suitable for a traditional or contemporary space, elevating any home aesthetic.  

Made in Italy, the full range of Stone International furniture is designed with luxury in mind. An extensive selection of stones are available, making the range fully customisable.  The stones and marbles used in production of these pieces are all natural - presenting all the beautiful variations and unique colourings found in nature. The veinings, tones, pores in the stone are all inherent to each piece. making each one truly unique. 

"No two tables will ever be the same, so your Stone International will be truly one of a kind."

Table tops can come honed and unfilled and unpolished, showing the open pores characteristic to travertine. This is an aesthetic for anyone wishing to show the true nature and features of the stone. Alternatively, travertine can have holes filled and polished with a resin for a super sleek smooth finish. Since stone is porous and can stain, we would suggest for areas where food and drink is in contact with stone, to have some protection for a natural unfilled unpolished stone. 

The table and bases are coordinated with proportions and aesthetics in mind. Each table has a specially made base, revealing the talent of the craftsmen. Materials such as wood in your chosen finish, brushed brass and polished steel combine in unique ways, giving each table a story and personality. The Saturn table for example is made with a travertine top, showing the bold swathes of natural veining and colouring, reminiscent of the planet surface. A boxed and squared off edge helps to give this table even more of a substantial and luxurious feel.
To the base, metal rings in varying depths and thicknesses speak of the rings around Saturn, and are softened in tone by a beautifully finished wooden contrasting background - Really out of this world!

The sleek and contemporary Blade Light table is named as such thanks to its modern  wooden base is crafted with sharp inward angles. Since some of the depth recesses inwards, this gives the illusion of a much slimmer profile. The eye is then drawn up to the beautiful natural thick stone top, finished with a squared off boxed edge. Truly showing craftsmanship and detail, Blade can come in a multitude of table tops and bases. Lots of possibilities which will compliment any interior, the combination of wood and marble materials is timeless and will exude warmth and sophistication.

If having a more contemporary on stone is your preference, then meet the Tangle table. A modernist balance of stone and metal, Tangle with its circular top is great for gathering around. A looped and high shine metal structure underneath compliments Tangle, and makes tangle equal parts modern sculpture statement when not in use, and practical dining when guests arrive.
A slim profile to the table top keeps the look lightweight and contemporary.
We have lots more styles at our new boutique location to view, and with many combinations available, we invite you to come into the store and explore the beauty of natural stone.

To view the stones in person visit our Glasgow showroom &
Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or requests. 

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